Incredible facts that you need to know about the types of pool tiles

Nowadays, it is abnormal to construct a well-organized and stunning swimming pool without thinking of pool tiles. The best option these days is to add pool tiles to create a great swimming pool. Adding or using a pool tile in a swimming pool will add a visual aesthetic to a swimming pool. Not only that, tiles in your pool will protect your pool finish. 

Over the years, contractors have used bricks and other water-resistant natural resources to design swimming pools. But now, using pool tiles has taken over the entire process. Pool tiles are now used to cover both walls and floors of the swimming pool. People tend to spend more time in swimming pools with pool tiles because they always feel comfortable and relaxed. 

However, choosing pool tiles can be difficult for homeowners because there are several types of tiles with different kinds and patterns. But with a bit of knowledge of the types of tiles that can be used in swimming pools, we believe homeowners will overcome the challenge of choosing the best pool tiles.  

Do you even know that there are different types of tiles? Do you know that not all types of tiles are suitable for covering the walls and floor of a swimming pool? Of course, there are different tiles, and not all tiles are ideal for swimming pools. Therefore, we have taken it up as our responsibility to help you out on how to figure out the best option you need to consider for your swimming pool. 

Here, we will briefly discuss the tiles suitable for covering walls and floors of swimming pools. Therefore, we implore you to pay rapt attention to every detail that will be shared here.

Hence, below here are the amazing facts that you need to know about the types of pool tiles:

Porcelain tiles: 

It is one of the most popular pool tiles because it is readily available and cheap. It is a type of tile that will give your swimming pool a distinctive look. Furthermore, porcelain pool tiles are among the most-used tiles that virtually all building contractors and professional tilers use these days. Porcelain has a high level of maintenance, and it is easy to clean.  In fact, a basic cleaning on the porcelain tiles will make the tiles look clean and maintain their look.

Moreover, porcelain tiles are the most accessible tiles to install. And that’s why tilers like to recommend it to their clients for their swimming pools. These tiles are soft to touch. But one needs to take care of blunt force when buying porcelain tiles. They also have a gentle nature, and this makes them break easily. Click here to read about Frequently asked questions on installing tiles in the swimming pool.

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Mosaic tiles: 

Another type of tile used to design swimming pools is the mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles will add some color to your pool. Furthermore, these unique tiles are created with different combinations of colors, designs, and patterns that will make your swimming pool the talk of the town. Generally, mosaic tiles are known and used for making pools look colorful. One can use them to cover both walls and floors of the swimming pool. Mosaic tiles are reliable and durable. We want to assure you that if you choose to use this type of tiles in your swimming pool, you will never regret it. Mind you, there’s one thing you must focus on if you want these tiles to maintain their uniqueness in your pool. And what is that? These pool tiles need periodic cleaning. If you want the color to remain sharp and attractive, cleaning it regularly should be your priority. At least, one should take it up as a responsibility to clean up these tiles every two years to eradicate mold or any chemical build-up.

Glass tile:

In Australia, relaxation centers and homeowners use glass tile in their swimming pools because of its durability. If you are looking for long-lasting pool tiles to cover the walls and the floor of your swimming pool, then a glass tile is the best option for you.

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 It also comes in different variety of colors and designs. Also, it is regarded as the most attractive and durable type of tiles suitable for swimming pools. Glass tiles have been maintaining the top list for centuries now when it comes to giving a swimming pool a stunning look.  Furthermore, glass tiles provide a lot of depth to the pool by creating an illusion because it has a more profound and broader design. Although installing a glass tile is not as easy as other tiles because they’re highly fragile. But once it has been installed, it can last for years. Therefore, you can consider using this tile in your swimming pool. 

Brick tiles:

 Brick tiles are the best option for your pool if you want to make it look more regal. These fantastic tiles are also available in different colors like red, grey, white, blue, etc. They are also considered to be the safest type of tiles that can be installed in the pool. Brick tiles in the swimming pool will prevent you from slipping. Mind you; this tile has a porous nature. But one can still overcome the aspect of water penetration into these tiles. Ensure that you hire an expert that will seal the brick tiles efficiently if you don’t water to destroy them. Then, it is expedient for you to know that one needs to reapply the sealant to the tiles to make them look new after a few years of installation.

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Stone tiles:

 This unique type of tiles is suitable for people located in an area with hot weather. Stone tiles will add a natural element to your swimming pool. However, this pool tile needs proper sealing. Therefore we will implore you to employ an expert to help you out. 

Finally, the above-listed types of tiles are the best option you can consider. Don’t be deceived by some tilers. Some incompetent tilers can tell you to use any other tiles in your swimming pool. Please do not listen to them. The best you can use are those we have revealed to you here.

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Frequently asked questions on installing tiles in the swimming pool.

It is normal to have several questions in mind when it comes to installing pool tiles. One can start thinking about the possibility of installing some types of tiles in the swimming pool. Some question that seems to be irrelevant can cross one’s mind. I want to assure you that every question counts. I understand that it might not be an easy task to get some information or answers to some questions that cross ones’ mind nut I believe that a few solutions you will get here concerning pool tiles will go a long way.


Are you willing to know some facts about installing tiles on the walls and floor of a swimming pool? Or do you want some answers to some questions that have been running through your mind as regards best pool tiles? I want to assure you that you are in the right place. I have once been in your shoe, and I know how you are feeling right now. 

After doing some thorough research to know some facts about pool tiles, I decided to pass this across to many interested people. Therefore, I want to implore you to pay rapt attention to the details provided here. Below here are answers to some questions about pool tiles:

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  1. How many years should pool tiles last before one can replace them? 

The best time to start thinking about replacing your pool tiles should be after one has used them for fifteen to twenty years. However, the durability of pool tiles depends on how effective the installation process was. For well-fixed pool tiles, it should last for nothing less than twenty years before one can replace them.

  1. Can I use ceramic wall tile in a swimming pool? 

Of course, yes. One can use an ordinary ceramic wall tile to design a pool. However, it may not be as durable as other types of tiles.

  1. Can I use tile grout in a swimming pool? If you decide to use a standard-based grout made explicitly for floor tiling, one might commit errors. However, special grout is made to stand the discoloring effect caused by chemicals used in pool maintenance.
  2. Can I choose to use any color of pool tile to design a swimming pool? Although the selection of colors in pool tiles depends on every individual’s choice. However, I will advise you to choose colors that will bring out the uniqueness of the design on the surface of the water. How do I mean? A swimming pool designed using a black poolside might look scary for people to use because the black color will change the color surface of the water, and it will look as if the water is black and not pure.
  3. How can I remove hard water stains on pool tiles? Firstly, I will like to let you know that you can do it by yourself. You only need to get a power washer and mineral salt to clean. 

However, it depends on how hard the water stains the pool. Furthermore, white vinegar is also considered to be a valuable tool in cleaning water stains in pools. It is often regarded as the natural way.

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  1. Can I install a herringbone tile pattern in a swimming pool? 

Of course, yes. Herringbone pool tiles will give a swimming pool a stunning and outstanding look. Remember, the herringbone tile pattern is a zigzag pattern that is installed using tiles cut into pieces in the exact sizes to form a type of fish called herring. I have seen several swimming pools with a herringbone pool tiles design. You can read about Incredible facts that you need to know about the types of pool tiles by clicking here.

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  1. How can I keep my pool decking look gorgeous? If you want your pool decking to look attractive, you must choose to use the non-slip tile for deck paving. This will prevent wear and tear. Not only that, ensure that you are cleaning your pool deck regularly. 

Also, avoid spilling fertilizer on the pool deck. Fertilizers will leave a hard orange stain because it contains iron.

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  1. When can I add salt to my swimming pool? Some people say that pool tiles can be affected when one adds salt to the swimming pool. It is not accurate. You can add salt to your pool after twenty-eight days.
  2. How can I make swimming pool water blue? Before now, I have always believed that a blue chemical was poured into the swimming pool to make it blue. But recently, I have learned that calm pool water can at times get its color from the sun’s rays of the light. But this doesn’t occur every time. 
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One of the ways to make your swimming pool water blue is to build a blue pool bottom. The pool tiles that will be used on the floor of the blue should contain a blue pattern.

  1. Where can I get good-quality pool tiles? We are now in a world whereby every market is digitalized. Therefore, you can get your pool tiles online. There are tile stores online that will deliver the best quality of tiles right at your doorstep. 
  2. Can I install pool tiles by myself? I won’t discourage you. It is possible. That is, if you can get a healthy explanatory guide on YouTube and you are ready to follow the installation process just as you see it on screen. On the other hand, I will advise you to hire an expert to help you handle that project.
  3. Is it possible for one to get injured in the swimming pool? Of course, it is possible. When may likely get damaged if the tiles used to design the swimming pool have a rough edge. Some pool tiles have a sharp edge and an uneven surface. They can scratch swimmers’ skin. 

Finally, we believe that we have answered your questions correctly. In this article, we answered twelve solid questions that may likely come to your mind whenever the word “swimming pool tiles” comes to your mind.